The fridge magnet, which opens 15 attractions in Miskolc for the kids

The fridge magnet, which opens 15 attractions in Miskolc for the kids


A new development by the Tourist Board of Miskolc for the fall season which redefines the usage of touristic card. The now debuting Miskolc Pass card for kids is also a fridge magnet which can be displayed on a fridge after its expiration. In addition by scanning the QR code on the magnet the family can get information about the actual events in Miskolc.

The Miskolc Pass for kids provides free entrance to the Cave Bath Miskolctapolca**** and other baths of Miskolc, Castle of Diósgyőr, Miskolc Zoo and to the museums of the city, furthermore lots of discounted services are included. The specialty of the card is that it’s based on Smart QR code, so while the card is valid the owner can get a useful interactive map of Miskolc by scanning the QR code, after its expiration the can get information about the current events in Miskolc. For those who are under 6, the public transport is free, so it is possible to buy a card without the public transport discount.

The Smart QR code based Qard card system is developed by Hungarian professionals and its advantage is that the card can be purchased and activated online at In this case the buyer will get the card in PDF format which they can show on their phone so it is not necessary to print. This means that the Miskolc Pass tourist card is currently the most environmentally-friendly “green” card in the world.

The picture on the card is the Castle of Diósgyőr. The Tourist Board of Miskolc selected the graphic work of Roland Bánrévi by asking different age of kids. The picture is charming and modern at the same time, and a little bit mystical for the kids, so it reflects perfectly why Miskolc is attractive for the kids.

In the summer time, people mainly come to Miskolc to take a dip, but the fall is perfect for a short family trip, or hiking in the Bükk. This is the season when the families prefer the adventurous places like the Castle of Diósgyőr, Miskolc Zoo, and the caves of Lillafüred. All of these can be visited for free with the Miskolc Pass card so the family can save thousands of Hungarian Forint on a weekend.

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