The best surprise of the year!

The best surprise of the year!


With the Miskolc Pass tourist card the pleasure is guaranteed!

What can be a better gift then a nice experience? When you go to relax in the Cave Bath which is unique in Europe, then time travel to the medieval ages in the Castle of Diósgyőr or when you get amused by the beauty of Lillafüred.

But this is not everything, click here to find more experience opportunities hidden in this card which fits in your pocket.

Buy Online Now!

With Miskolc Pass card you can save a lot of money in most restaurants, cafés, theaters of the city, furthermore on several recreation programs, pharmacies, gas stations and travelling by taxi.

You can activate your card anytime, so there is no problem if the card will be used up months later after the purchase.


Card types:

24 h Miskolc Pass Tourist Card: 6 500 HUF

Christmas special offer: 5 590 HUF - Buy Now!

48 h Miskolc Pass Tourist Card: 10 500 HUF

Christmas special offer: 8 990 HUF - Buy Now!

72 h Miskolc Pass Tourist Card: 14 300 HUF

Christmas special offer: 11 990 HUF - Buy Now!

120 h Miskolc Pass Tourist Card: 16 000 HUF

Christmas special offer: 14 300 HUF - Buy Now!


The offer is valid until 23 December!


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