6 tips – where to take a trip this spring with family

6 tips – where to take a trip this spring with family

Are you planning a family weekend? Here are 6 programs in Miskolc and its surroundings for this spring. We loved them! Neither your children nor you won’t be bored for days. 


1. Miskolctapolca – from cave bathing to go-kart

 Miskolctapolca is a must-see place, if you spend some days in Miskolc. The Cave Bath is the most famous attraction of Miskolctapolca and it is one of the most special baths in Europe, where you can take a dip in natural caves! In addition, you can take part of unforgettable adventures in the Adventure Park and try the Bobsled track.

 Since the last spring, you can visit the Avalon Park, where Mayan Game Park is waiting for the kids and the adults can try out the go-kart track or relax in the Beer-garden. To reach from a place to another, you can use Dotto train. The renewed and expanded Lido of Miskolctapolca opened to the public on the last summer, where you should try the inner pools and the wellness services before the summer season.

Tip: If you visit Miskolc, bring a postcard from your hometown to the Tourinform office filled with your experiences in Miskolc, and we give a free Miskolc postcard!


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2. Museum tour with the family in the downtown of Miskolc

 A program, which is attractive, even if it’s raining. The exhibitions of the Herman Ottó Museum is definitely a nice program for the whole family. Different eras are displayed in interactive ways in different departments of the museum – so the kids can enjoy the exhibitions, as much as the adults. Our favorite one is the Pannon Sea Museum, where my son wants to take everyone, who visits us. Different kind of exercises are waiting for the kids from coloring to computer tests. In addition, they can start the explosion of the volcano of Tokaj Mountain. Meanwhile, adults can have a look at the mineral collection and explore the wildlife of the Pannon Lake.

 If you visit the Pannon Sea Museum, don’t miss the Picture Collection in the same building, where you can see famous Hungarian paintings for example “The old fisher” from Csontváry. The museum tour doesn’t end without discovering the other building on Papszer Street. You can see there three different exhibitions: the “Elite company”, which is about the Hungarian conquest, the “Other/World” is about the mysteries of the bronze age in Northeast Hungary and the third one is about the age of Bertalan Szemere, a Hungarian politician in the 19th century.

 And if you are here on the Papszer Street, you should walk to Miskolc Gallery, where you can see paintings from the first half of the 20th century painted by the most outstanding painters of Hungary.
The Museum of Theater History and Performing Arts is an unmissable place, where kids and adults also enjoy the dressing up, and the acting on stage, or even try the color organ.

TIP: With Miskolc Pass Tourist Card you can enter each museum once for free, moreover you can also use the public transport free while the card is valid. For more details visit miskolcpass.com, where you can purchase the cards online. 


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3. Adventures along the Forest Train

 Travelling on the Forest Train is always a huge experience for everyone, but it also provides more than travelling: it is a connection between the family programs of Diósgyőr and Garadna. If you get off at Lillafüred, you should visit the Sport and Adventure Park of Lillafüred, where children can try the thematic playground. In addition, paintball and a special adventure park is also waiting for the visitors. The Chairlift of Lillafüred will open in May, but you can also go for a Segway or golf car tour.

 On Lake Hámor, the boats are ready for paddling and for the lovers of hiking we can suggest to explore the Molnár Rock and the Szeleta Cave. If the kids are tired, they can relax in the Eco Touristic Center next to the Lillafüred train station, where they can use the train simulator. In the Hanging Gardens, there is also a playground for kids.

 However, Lillafüred is not the last stop of the trip: if you continue your route, you can have a look at the Ancient Furnace or the Lillafüred Trout Farm and Restaurant is a great program for families. If you are going to the city center from Lillafüred, you should get off the train at Diósgyőr, which is one stop before the terminus, and visit the Castle of Diósgyőr.

TIP: You can get free maps and brochures about Miskolc and Lillafüred, and buy some souvenirs in the Eco Touristic Center. 


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4. Experience the Miskolc Zoo and Cultural Park

 Miskolc Zoo and Cultural Park is a must-see place for families. The 33 years old zoo has more than 130 species. My son’s favorite is the ring-tailed lemur, but most people visit there because this is the only zoo in Hungary, where they can see the porcupine. In the zoo, there are family programs and exciting feeding shows, where visitors can witness how zookeepers feed the animals.

TIP: The trip with our Guide@Hand Miskolc app from Csanyik to Lillafüred starts from the ‘Majális Park’, which guides us to the Molnár Rock among others. You should download the app, which is available for iOS and android. 

20160406_szurikata_copyright_veresstamas_002.jpg Photo: Tamás Veress / Miskolc Zoo


5. Village of teddy bears and the salt cellar in Harsány

 Harsány is the village, whereyou can find something new every year. It is known for its adventure park and fishing lake, but this year, the visitors can see the biggest teddy bear collection in Hungary. The saltcellar is covered with salt from Parajd, which is a good cure for the asthma. If you are in Harsány, you should visit Kisgyőr in the neighborhood, where the biggest Bethlehem of Central Europe is open all year round. You can also hike on the “Parlagi sas(Eastern imperial eagle)” nature trail in Kisgyőr, which is more than 7 kilometers long. The Bükk Mountain is very beautiful in spring. It is worth to leave the noisy city to spend some days here with the whole family.

TIP: In the saltcellar, there is a Székely Products Shop. 


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6. Szentlélek – Ruins of the Pauline Fathers Monastery, hiking and adventure park

 Clear air, nice environment, fantastic, active family programs - this is the description of Szentlélek, which is located 14 kilometers from Lillafüred at a 710m elevation. It is a very popular place not just because of the Ruins of the Pauline Fathers Monastery, but this is a point of departure to a lot of hiking paths in the Bükk. You can also rent bikes and go for a ride in the forest. If you need even more active programs, you can try climbing wall and the adventure park.

TIP: If you do not want to stay at the Tourist Park, we suggest the Sebesvíz Pension with hot tub, fishpond and family rooms. It is also in the Bükk Mountains and 15 minutes far from Szentlélek by car.


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