5 Traditional Hungarian Dishes What You Must Taste in Miskolc

5 Traditional Hungarian Dishes What You Must Taste in Miskolc

 If you go on excursion in Miskolc, don't forget to eat some local food! You can taste various flavorsome dishes in the valley surrounded by forest which Hungarians in other parts of the country may not know.


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 The Lillafüred Trout Farm abounds in delicious fishes like Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Brook Trout. Because of Bükk Mountain and the forests tasty venison and mushroom flavored foods are the favorite meals of the local people. The gastronomic culture of Miskolc assimilated the neighbor Slavic gastronomy style such as Slovakian, Rusyn and Polish cuisine in the 18th century.

 We can offer several possibilities and incredible places to eat a special Hungarian, delicious meal in our interesting city. Our exclusive tips to know the cuisine of Miskolc:


1. Végállomás Bistorant - Crispy trout of Lillafüred with fried vegetables and Remoulade-sauce

 The Lillafüred Trout Farm is waiting for the fish-lovers since 1930. This is the only place in Hungary, where native brown trout can be found in such quantities. You can try the classic Lillafüred trout with grilled vegetables in the Végállomás Bistorant near the Forest Railway Station in Miskolc. The French-style Remoulade-sauce completes the gastro experience. The restaurant took the 66th place in the Dining Guide, which is a guide of the best Hungarian restaurants. This means that the Végállomás Bistorant is one of the best Hungarian restaurants. 


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More information: Végállomás Bistorant


2. Drót Bistro & Restaurant – Rooster stew with noodles, home-made pickles

 The Drót Bistro & Restaurant opened in 2013 to represent a modern style of gastronomy in Miskolc, under the City Hotel. They offer Hungarian folk-style, vegetarian and international dishes. If you want to have a nice wine dinner the restaurant has a unique selection of wines to offer. We recommend you the venison stew with „strapachka” which is a Slovakian-style dish, made of grated potatoes.


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 More Information: Drót Bistro and Restaurant


3. Miskolc Shop – Diósgyőr's Sausage

 The Diósgyőr's Sausage, which is made by a seven hundred years old, unusual medieval recipe. Spices and herbs, such as thyme, summer savory, garlic, marjoram are used for seasoning the sausage. These are the same spices which Pauline Fathers used in 1300. It doesn't contain artificial flavoring substances, preservatives and red pepper powder, because the Hungarians did not use pepper in their cuisine before the 18th century. It can be consumed by dyspeptic guests.


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4. Creppy Pancakehouse and Restaurant – Svejk's Favorite Crepe

 „Think different about pancakes and crepes” – This is how the Creppy Pancakehouse advertises itself. Their meals are made by special recipes, in which every dish has to do with crepe. The restaurant is a gastronomic heaven for the sweet-toothy guests, and for those who likes salty food because they make salty crepes also like the – Hortobágyi palacsinta - which is a special Hungarian savory pancakes filled with meat. We believed that the Svejk's Favorite Crepe is the perfect choice if you visit here. This is a pancake filled with red wine braised beef stew, with sour cream, bacon and vegetables.



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 More information: Creppy Pancakehouse and Restaurant


5. Aranykorona Historical Hotel-Restaurant and Wine-Cellar – Potato Cake of the Nobleman

 The unique Aranykorona Hotel and Restaurant has got the largest wine cellar in Avas with a wide selection of the best Hungarian wines and they organize amazing historical feasts. There are several very enjoyable folk-style, Hungarian meals in the menu which also reflects the medieval style. One of them is the hash browns of the nobleman which is hash browns and stew. Locals call the hash browns as “tócsni”, which is basically grated potato and flour fried in a pan. It’s a perfect dish for lunch or dinner.


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