3 + 1 reasons, why you need to visit the Castle of Diósgyőr at Easter!

3 + 1 reasons, why you need to visit the Castle of Diósgyőr at Easter!

The Castle of Diósgyőr is open to visitors on Easter weekend with many exciting and colorful programs. Here are 3 + 1 reasons, why you should visit the Castle of Diósgyőr:



Photo: Tibor Hanák


1) Programs for children in lower castle courtyard

The lower castle courtyard offers for families many programs: bunny petting, carrot eating, "wise eggs" logic playhouse, Bunny Hopp folk playground with the popular basketball carousel, Nutcracker and many exciting programs.


Photo: Castle of Diósgyőr


2) I came to greet The date of Easter - Zsuzsanna Pék Dudás folk artist and her friends show

Zsuzsanna Pék Dudás and her friends playfully presented the Easter folk customs. You can prepare odorous water, decorated egg, and we will know what does "komatál!"


Photo: Castle of Diósgyőr


3) "Knights in arms" exhibition

In the Castle of Diósgyőr's room you can view the "Knights in arms" exhibition, in which the knights fighting tools, Hungarian and Turkish arms, costumes of Sándor Tóth collection. The visitors can see such treasures as a prominent member of the Borsod county Serédy family's ornamental dress and silver sword.


Photo: Castle of Diósgyőr


+1) With Miskolc Pass card you can visit all programs for free!


Photo: MIDMAR Kft.

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