Anna Sinter Cave (at the Palota Hotel's hanging garden)

Company name: Bükki Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság
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Validity ends: 01/19/2037 3:14 AM
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If you travel to Lillafüred (Bükk National Park) you should take a walk in the Anna Sinter Cave. It is a very unique cave around in Europe. The white heat delivered by the Szinva stream before thousands of years created unique sinter formations. You can see petrified leaves, spears, branches and moss curtains covered by sinter. Most of the smaller holes are come into being when the large trunks rotted in the rock.

The cave entrance is located at the hanging garden at the Palota Hotel, next to waterfall.

Tours starts in every hour with the minimal number of 4 visitors. It takes about 30 minutes and 200 metres. Trips are started without minimal number of visitors at 12:00.

Opening hours: 1st April - 30th September: 10.00 am.- 4.00 pm.

1st October- 31st October: 10.00 am.- 3.00 pm.

1st November - 31st March: one tour per day at 12.00 am.


Erzsébet Promenade 1, Miskolc, Lillafüred,

Groups (minimum 10 people) can check in variant times. Visitors have to make an appointment one day before going to the cave.

Telephone: +3646334130