Pannon Sea Museum

Discount: Once free enrty with Miskolc Pass tourist card!
Once free entry with Miskolc Pass Card!
2 brand new permanent exhibitions were opened in the “Pannon Sea Museum” in Miskolc on 20 November 2013. The exhibition “On the paths of a primeval forest — The swamp cypress forest of Bükkábrány and its era” tells the visitors about the environment of the 7 million years old swamp cypresses in Bükkábrány in a playful environment. Besides fossils of several prehistoric animals and plants, Rudapithecus fossils representing the beginning of human evolution, mysteries of paleo-magnetism, almost the whole spectrum of raw materials from the Miocene epoch and secrets of volcanic activities in the Pannon Basin await curious visitors.
The beautiful pieces of the collection “Minerals of the Carpathians” was selected from the second largest Hungarian mineralogical collection.
Our regular and periodical programmes are held in a conference room for 80 persons, in a projector room for 40 persons and a seminar-room for 15 persons and are assisted by a separate museum educational facility.