Customer guide

The order of purchase:
  • First choose the type of card and its quantity.
  • Enter the card owner name and other necessary information carefully because we cannot change them later on.
  • We accept credit card payment and bank transfer as well.
  • You will receive your ticket right upon order via E-Mail and the invoice in three day.
  • Print your card at home or simple keep it on your smartphone.
  • You choose which day and time you want to activate your Miskolc Pass Card. This means that the card is not activated when you buy it but when you decide to start use it.

If any error occur through the buying process please let us know immediately and please don’t repeat the buying process because we cannot refund overpayment.

By buying the card you accept our terms and conditions.

Please note that ordered Miskolc Pass Cards may not be changed, cancelled and are nonrefundable.


Contact us:

MIDMAR Nonprofit Ltd.
16 Széchenyi Street, 3530 Miskolc
Tel.: +36 46 350 425 company registration number: 05-09-024717
tax number: 24113917-2-05

Tourinform Office

16 Széchenyi Street, 3530 Miskolc

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From Monday to Friday

8.30 – 16.00

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