Explore Miskolc and Save Money!

Online, discount until December 24, 2016!

You can enjoy 15 attractions, services and the public transport free of charge, and get several discounts, comfortably without buying any tickets.

Save money and time with the 24 hour Miskolc Pass tourist card!

Staying in Miskolc will be cheaper and more comfortable with the Miskolc Pass tourist card, than buying the tickets separately.

  • Free local public transport while the card is valid
  • You can visit the most famous sights, baths of Miskolc for free. For example the Cave bath, Castle of Diósgyőr, one of Lillafüred's caves or the Pannon Sea Museum can be visited for free by the card owners.
  • 10-50% discount in quality restaurants, adventure parks, shops and several programs.
  • Best of Taxi offers 33% discount on travelling.
  • You save time, you don't have to deal with paying at a cash desk.
  • Tourist cards also can be purchased online, and you get the card immediately in PDF format!

Price: 24h Miskolc Pass Tourist Card: 6 500 HUF

Fall Online discount until November 20, 2016: 5 600 HUF

Programs for the 24-hour Miskolc Pass

Naturally, it is just a suggestion. You can use your tourist card as you wish!

Without a card (fee for adults)

1pm-3pm: Visiting the Castle of Diósgyőr 1,500 HUF

3.15pm: A trip to Lillafüred by the forest train 800 HUF

5pm: A guided tour in the Szent István dripstone cave 1,200 HUF

6.10pm: A trip to the train’s final destination on Dorottya Street in Diósgyőr by the forest train 800 HUF

7pm: Dinner – min. 10% restaurant discount

Next day

Enjoy more than 80 discounts (5-50%)

11am: Cave bath (4-hour admission fee) 2,500 HUF

Public transportation tickets used on average within 24 hours cost 1,600 HUF (400 HUF per piece on public transportation)

It is important to know that in case of a tourist card which is valid until 13pm, you are entitled to visit any free attractions until 12.59pm!

In case of the 24-hour tourist card, the average amount of the discounts that you can claim is 1,500 HUF.


The programs listed above with public transportation: min. 9,900 HUF per one adult

The programs listed above without public transportation: min. 8,300 HUF per one adult

The 24-hour card on sale online cost 5,600 HUF per person.

Savings with a 24-hour tourist card (with public transportation): min. 4,300 HUF

Savings with a 24-hour tourist card (without public transportation): min. 2,700 HUF

More benefits

  • You don’t have to pay to get into any of the attractions it covers
  • You don’t have to buy public transportation tickets
  • The tourist card, which you bought online, just have to be printed out or shown on your smartphone. With the latter option, you can even protect the environment, and you don’t have to worry about losing your card.
  • You can activate the card whenever you like, so you can organize your time as you fancy.